Prosecco Bar München

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We are sorry – the contact form has been deactivated due to faulty entries of email addresses and resulting communication issues.

Please send us an email message to kontakt(at) (alternatively you can use the email button beneath the language menu on the left to use your own email program) - we'll answer asap. That's a promise!

  • Reservations: Please indicate the number of people you are reserving seats for. Seats should be taken by 11 p.m. as it is difficult to keep them free. Thanks for your help.
  • In case of lost items, please give a detailed description in your message.

Too spooky, still?! Give us a call at
+49 (0)89-230 32 32 9 (during opening hours, only: Fridays, Saturdays and before holidays from 10 p.m.)