Prosecco Bar München

Prosecco Rambazamba

Party-people-neon.pngLooking for fun and action? The PROSECCO Bar is your favourite venue for the night of your life. Mingle with a mixed party crowd who just like to party without all that stressful catwalk tenure and have-to-be-V.I.P appearance.

Why not have your warm-up drink here, or keep on rocking our dancefloor when all other bars called "last orders" a long time ago?!

Our guests are of all ages - gay and straight - and love to dance to "Schlager", cheesy evergreens and current chart top hits. Not a dancer? Maybe you'd just like to hang out with a drink from our vast list of beverages. But you'll probably not be lonely in a corner for a long time, if you're ready to meet up, that is...

Boredom is taboo - Daša, the owner, always does his best to dazzle your eyes with ever new decorations and keep up the spirits as DJ.

WYSIWG - have a look around the location on our page Location. We are looking forward to meeting you!